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Leap of faith!

Well it’s been a while since I had a chance to update my blog. I’ve always got lots of ideas of what to write about but recently time to do so has not been on my side. 

However, in the last few weeks I’ve made a decision and it wasn’t an easy one to make. I’ve wrestled with this over and over in my mind for months and really I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get here because the signs and signals of the right thing to do have been almost slapping me in the face. It’s time to take a complete leap of faith and give up the day job.

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I can’t continue to juggle the day job with caring for my parents as both take up all my time and my parents are more important than spreadsheets! Being off work recovering from my operation I seen that my parents need more care and attention than before. I want to give them that care and attention. My employers have been fantastically supportive of me allowing me to work flexibly. My job is demanding, filled with deadlines and tight turnarounds and I think it’s only fair they have someone doing the job who is there, in the office daily. Although I work from home most of the time these days and I get the job done, I can no longer fight the feeling that it’s time to let go, time to change, time to move on.

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This isn’t a decision I’ve made lightly. I had a long chat with our Doctor who agreed that perhaps now, in my caring capacity, it was also time to do some things I enjoy and have freedom from the demands of the day job. My close friends have agreed and even himself who up to recently has been very much against this move, said he would support my decision, the time is right to change.

I spoke to my manager last week and gave her my decision and on a personal level she said she fully understood but she is very sorry to lose me. Later she contacted me asking me to consider job shares, logging in for two hours every day or one day a week working as a support to my replacement. I have considered the one day a week and although it sounds like a great idea, the more I think about it the more my gut feeling says no. It would still be a demand that one day a week and I need to be free of time restrictions as I have to go with the flow of demands at home.

I have three months notice to work, with accrued holiday I could be day job free by early July. I feel liberated, free, excited and scared all at once. I have no idea how this is going to pan out, I just know, somehow, that this is right.

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Life Sparkles ✨

Decisions, Decisions…


It’s been a funny couple of weeks.  I’m finally starting to catch up with all the tasks, chores, studying that was let slide whilst I was in preparation for Christmas and the day job is now back to normal routine too. I like January, I don’t find it bleak, dull or depressing.  Once the Christmas decorations are taken down on Twelfth Night and put away, yes, the house looks a little bare for a couple of days, but there is almost an air of expectancy. Of positivity, small bursts of excitement for what can be achieved in this new year.  Winter can be very cold and dark with inclement weather, little daylight and the lows after the highs of Christmas.  Winter is prime time for Mom’s “Sundown” to hit and although we have had quite a number of extremely late nights, we have had only one where I haven’t been to bed at all – which is a huge improvement.

Every day brings it’s own blessings, challenges, thoughts and ideas.  I like my “day job” but how much longer do I want to spend in an office – there are so many other things I want to do with my days.  Of course, I need money to live so perhaps not an option to just give up on the day job immediately. I’ve caught up with my studies and submitted my assignment and am now straight into the next block of study – I’m loving this module “Promoting Public Health” so interesting and because of my caring experience with M & D, these modules bring health and social care to life.  For those of you in the UK, you know that Mental Health Funding has been in the news this week as has crisis in the NHS with overloaded A & E departments on the busiest weeks of the year.  This module is the final one of my degree course.  I have the study bug.  It will have taken me seven years to obtain this degree, part time with The Open University and it has been hard work.  I’ve done many all night working in order to get assignments in on time.  I’ve “met” some wonderful people online in the module group pages and become friends with them -we can scream together, support each other and celebrate together.  I think I will miss the studying, I’ve already started to explore the Open University website for next modules.

I’m trying again with my healthy eating and lifestyle, trying to eat healthier, move more and I did start the Couch to 5K podcast again last week and although it was hard it felt great to be back out there and running. Oh boy did I ache for a day or two afterwards.  I achieved this last year and I really want to do it again this year and in fact I want to beat that 5K target – let’s go for 10K.  (Feel free to remind me of this later in the year).

I returned to my vocal coach last week and oh how I loved that hour and a half.  I can hardly believe the clear pure notes I am singing with at times and it is great to stretch my vocal ability.  I’m hoping for some free time coming up so that I can download some more backing tracks and learn some more songs.  (More about that to come on The Music Sparkle).

However, there are at times things that happen to slow you down a little.

So, I think for now, I keep plotting and planning for the future, thinking about what I really want to do and how do I go about doing it.  My Pinterest feed of late is full of working from home, which at the moment is a requirement for me. It is also full of blogging tips, blogging ideas, blogging this, blogging that…I’m not good at self promotion but I think this is something I need to get over and start doing – I can’t be backwards in coming forwards if I want to sing and if I want to set something up regarding carers and their mental health and wellbeing as a carer.  So I need to work out what I really want to do, how I am going to do it and what steps I need to take to get there.  Perhaps it is time to step out of the comfort zone and try new things, to make every day count, to help others, to be there, to listen, to be kind and to reach out.


Thank you for visiting and reading my blog, I very much appreciate it.