Life Sparkles

Filling Time.

It’s so strange to have time on my hands.  I’ve gone from being on the go 24/7 to nothing. Those first few weeks alone after Mom rejoined Dad, I was up most of the night.  I was watching “Now 90’s” on TV which revisited my clubbing days and I still love dance music. There was an 80’s music TV channel which I discovered and loved.  4 am to bed was early for me.  I wasn’t tired and I didn’t want to go to bed and I didn’t want to go to sleep. Sleep meant forgetting what had happened and then when I woke the nightmare of truth just hit me all over again so no, I didn’t want to go to sleep.

I’ve been watching films galore.  “Pitch Perfect” – oh how I enjoyed that one and also “Mamma Mia”.  “Searching” was really good and I loved “Oblivion”.  I escaped into these films, they engrossed me for the length of time they were on.  When they were over though, once again reality hit and so did the tears.  I struggle with evenings and overnight although thankfully I had a word with myself and I am now getting to bed at a much more reasonable hour.

With the recent good weather I decided to get out in the garden and plant some flowers in the empty, discarded and unloved plant pots.  I was out there for four hours in the sunshine, birds singing, gentle breeze and the sound of children playing in nearby gardens.  It lifted my heart somewhat.  I’ll never be as good a gardener as my parents but I didn’t do too badly on my four hour shift.

And so we begin…
The objects of my gardening affection.
I really hope these grow and trail as they should.
So pretty.
All done!
Very proud of this one, I grew it from seeds planted in March this year.
I can’t lay claim to these, I bought them as I love Geranium’s. Mom and I used to plant some each year, we never managed to keep them alive to the following year.

I’m definitely a have a go gardener xx

Life Sparkles

Dear diary…

…as usual it’s been a while since I have managed to update my blog.  So much seems to be happening and for a change, most of it is good, WHOOP!



Thankfully Dad continues to improve.  The Doctor was correct when he said it would be a slow process but I don’t care how slow it is as long as Dad is improving.  We are still battling away with the cardiac water cough, lack of appetite and regaining strength.  Sleep has much improved, Dad has started to eat proper food again and he looks much more like his usual self.  Mom has just been the most amazing little fairy, the love shines through and her nursing returned to her.  I have been so happily surprised at how she has been looking after Dad, it has been beautiful and emotional to watch.

Another plus point…oh I wish I had a fan fare here…we have managed a whole month of going to bed every single night.  We haven’t done that for almost four years…FOUR YEARS!! I still have bags under my eyes but at least they aren’t Black anymore.


We are experiencing the most fantastic Summer weather we have had in years here in the UK.  I love it.  Apart from ensuring that “The Kids” are kept cool I am loving this sunshine.  I’m not getting out in it much but just the fact is there is just wonderful.  Long may it continue.  This was a sunset from my bedroom window a couple of weeks ago.  Such beautiful colours.






I’m doing my bit in these lovely long, bright, Summer evenings to try and keep the garden as Mom and Dad used to.  You can see how scorched the earth is through the lack of rain.  I’ve bought myself a watering can.  I’ve done quite well with some small tubs of flowers and it’s actually quite therapeutic a little bit of gardening.

Last Friday one of my forever friends came over to see us and I had booked the carer to cover for me for a couple of hours so that we could escape to a local pub, sit outside and eat a late lunch/early dinner and enjoy a glass or two of Prosecco.  After not being out for such a long time  it felt like a holiday.  It is so true that carer’s need a break!!


I have news to update you on the music front which I will do as soon as I can.  There’s a lot of work involved now with the setting up, music aggregation, licences etc and finding time is difficult as I’m always on the go.  But find time I will!

A little snapchat filter to close off for today…gosh if only I could get my make up like this!!


With love and sparkles until the next update, thank you for checking in with me xxx

Life Sparkles

And the latest from me is…

…We are still in the midst of illness here at home, it’s been a long six weeks.  Mom thankfully appears to be fully recovered from the chest infections.  Dad though, bless him, since he had the chest infections at the same time as Mom, also then had a viral infection. Swiftly followed by Thrush in the throat, more than likely caused by the heavy doses of antibiotics for the chest infections and now we have Strep Throat, so more antibiotics and a very heavy dosage.  Eight, 250 mg tablets a day for ten days to ensure the bacterial infection is cleared up.  This time I am ready with the probiotic yoghurt in the hope that we can prevent another attack of Thrush after this latest dose of antibiotics.  It is so hard to watch Dad suffering with the Strep Throat.  The Doctor showed me his throat when she examined him on Tuesday and all I can say is it looked gross.  No wonder he has so much pain, unable to swallow which of course is affecting food and drink intake.  I have no idea where Dad contracted this particular infection, either someone who has called to visit has been in contact with someone who has it or Dad’s immune system was very low after the continued infections.  I am praying Mom doesn’t catch this particular infection.

We have experienced some amazing hot Summer like weather in the past week, our Bank Holiday Monday was apparently the hottest on record.  For me it meant washing everything in sight and getting it dried on the line outside in the fresh air.  I love that. Such simple pleasures.  Also, the flowers in the garden have really bloomed.  Mom and Dad loved spending time in the garden and buying new plants, I’m doing my best to keep everything alive!


I did manage to get out for a walk on one of the warm days, it felt so good to be out in Summer clothes, feel the sunshine on my legs and arms.  We have had such a long, cold and wet Winter here.

The daisies growing wild in the grass reminded me of school days and running barefoot in the playing fields.  I’m very lucky to live close to the city and yet also within a five minute stroll to the edge of the countryside, it does a soul good to see the fields, the flowers and trees, even on a wet day.  Now the weather is back to where it should be for Mid May – much cooler, quite windy and chilly today.

I know I have been a little quiet on the music side of things, but I have been managing to grab some time here and there and I will blog about where I am with my dreams very soon.

Snapchat has given me giggles when I have had a chance to try out some fun filters and I find a giggle always does me good.  This is one of me looking a little tired out…and Snapchat has given me a Hippie Flower in my hair and freckles…it did make me smile.


I did get out to a couple of the concerts that I have held tickets for since October last year, again, that’s another blog post to come.

So for now, I’m off to do some more chores, this post has taken me all morning to complete.  Full time caring is demanding, it’s stressful, I live almost totally on the edge of anxiety and worry and you do the best you can even when you feel so helpless. When there really is nothing you can do but just be there.

I’m looking forward over the weekend to perhaps an hour or so to have a cuppa and sit back and read your latest blog posts which I love to escape into.

With love and Sparkles x