Life Sparkles

Is it too late…

…to wish you all a very happy 2019!

For the first time ever Christmas appears to have fitted in around our life at home whereas it usually becomes the main focus of December for us. This Christmas though things were very different at home. Christmas seems to have come and gone with little or no recognition at all. We watched Midnight Mass from Knock Shrine live on You Tube. We had some visitors popping in and out and I did manage to get Christmas cards written and sent and gifts organised. Thank goodness for the Internet!

A beautiful surprise on Christmas Day in the evening when some neighbours arrived at the door with home made soup, Christmas dinner, dessert, cheese and biscuits and Christmas crackers. They knew I would struggle to put together a Christmas dinner as the caring role continues as usual whatever day it is, so they decided to share. To me, this was the true meaning of Christmas, love, caring, sharing and kindness.

A few photo’s below of my Christmas time. I wish you all a very happy, healthy and blessed 2019. (I will continue my update from the last blog post as soon as I can).

I just love this photo, my sparkles and my boyfriend’s trainers.

A beautiful surprise gift from a school friend.

I couldn’t put up our usual tree so I bought a small sparkling one for Mom and Dad. It was lovely to sit and watch the colours changing.

Life Sparkles

Beautiful Life.

I’m up late tonight caring for my Dad whose health has taken a bad turn in the last week. Mom has had three episodes of “Sundowning” in the past week which is unusual. It has meant four nights without sleep…tired doesn’t cover how I’m feeling along with sad, helpless, stressed and yet there is a positive, still, patient glow within and around me. A sparkle which reminds me how precious, wonderful and beautiful life is.

Love always, spread kindness and ignite the sparkle in others so that they too can feel and experience this beautiful life.

Picture via Pinterest.

Sleep well 😴