Travel Sparkles.

Pre Christmas Lights

Lichfield in Staffordshire is such a beautiful city. Surrounded by countryside with an olde English city centre and yet a mix of the modern blends in so well. Steeped in history and with a wonderful cathedral, Lichfield is a lovely place during all seasons of the year, to wander around, visit places of interest and stop off for a coffee or something stronger.

Just before Christmas I visited Lichfield to see the Christmas lights and visit the cathedral. It was a chilly, frosty evening which felt perfect for the season. As you know I’m all about the sparkle and there was sparkle everywhere.

I also visited my usual parish church before Christmas as the priest, who used to visit my parents very often, was saying a mass for them during Advent. The church looked so beautiful and again, a gorgeous Christmas tree with loads of sparkle.

And in keeping with the church at Christmas theme, I have a picture of the Christmas tree and Advent candles from the church I visit when I am over with himself to care for his Mom. As you can see, I packed in the Christmas sparkle during the Advent season.

Midnight Mass Christmas Eve.

With love and sparkles xxx

Travel Sparkles.


I recently stepped back in time to the 1940’s and 1950’s when I met a friend for lunch. We visited a beautiful tea room in the centre of Lichfield City in Staffordshire, UK. The downstairs is dedicated to the 1940’s and is decorated from that era with so much memorabilia you couldn’t possibly view it all in one visit. There’s even a very small, working, black and white television from back in the day.

Walk upstairs and you are transported to the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Once again there is so much memorabilia I’ll definitely have to return for a second trip. A jukebox, free to use, containing some popular songs from the 50’s and 60’s. I was in my element playing Connie Francis, Del Shannon and Elvis amongst others. There were original newspapers, copies of Woman magazine, toys, games, records and I swear my Mom had some of those very brightly coloured glass fish (see picture below) adorning the living room when I was a child. There was an old fashioned, retro telephone on the bar and believe it or not, I have one of those at home that belonged to Mom and Dad in the 1970’s and it still works.

It was a wonderful experience being in this restaurant/tea room. There is just so much to discover. The food is also very, very good. A varied menu, from traditional old English fare of Rabbit Pie or Pheasant Stew and also Cod Fish Finger sandwiches. Delectable cakes and pastries and of course pots of tea. All the food is home cooked on the premises using fresh, locally produced produce. There is an extremely friendly welcome from the staff who make time for a chat when time allows. I’m so looking forward to another trip to Boomers. I can do more exploring of the memorabilia, enjoy delicious food and play that jukebox.

With love and sparkles xxx