The Music Sparkle.

Concert Time – Nashville.

With everything that has been going on at home, I didn’t think I would make it out to the various concerts I have had tickets for for months. It was touch and go as usual and I just made it in time for the start, but make it I did to the Nashville Farewell Tour. These guys are incredible, such fantastic musicians, wonderful vocals and they can act as well. Clare Bowen, Charles Esten, Sam Palladio, Chris Carmack and Jonathan Jackson. What a team of performers with almost tangible love and respect for each other. I think they are all brilliant but I do have a favourite, Jonathan Jackson has one of the most amazing vocal ranges I have ever heard. His version of “Unchained Melody” dedicated to his wife, was just perfect.

I have a few pictures and video’s to share. It was a super show and of course now I’m hoping for the “Nashville Reunion Tour” at some point. I’m only half way through series four of the TV show so hopefully I’ll have caught up by the time of another tour!

Jonathan Jackson.
Jonathan Jackson – Avery in Nashville.
Sam Palladio
Sam Palladio – Gunner in Nashville.
Chris Carmack
Chris Carmack – Will in Nashville.
Clare Bowen
Clare Bowen – Scarlett in Nashville.
Charles Esten and Clare Bowen
Charles Esten and Clare Bowen. Deacon and Scarlett in Nashville.




I love these guys so much, the happiness, the music, the TV show, they have brought so much to our family.  This is the only TV show that Mom will now watch all the way through without issue and that in itself is worth millions to me.  I’m not that good at taking video’s at concerts but I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

I wish you all a life that’s good with plenty of sparkle xx

All photo’s and video’s on this post are mine.

The Music Sparkle.

I fell into a…

Burning Ring of Fire!!! No, I haven’t just fallen in love but I have fallen headlong into a song. An absolutely iconic song originally from Johnny Cash and sang by many artists throughout the years. I love dancing and singing to this when I get the opportunity to attend an Irish dance as the artist usually sings this as part of a medley.

Over this past year I’ve become a huge fan of the US TV show “Nashville”, I’m a confirmed, totally obsessed #Nashie even though we are way behind on episodes. We’re on Series three and I believe Series six is due to air in the US in January. In Series one, Clare Bowen who plays Scarlett O’Connor sang her version of the song, “Love’s Ring of Fire”. I love it!

Regular readers of my blog will be aware that I love to sing; it is my escape and I so enjoy visiting my wonderful vocal coach and stretching my vocal range, I’ve been amazed by my abilities over the last couple of years. I can’t visit her as often as I’d like to and sometimes even practising the vocal exercises is impossible as time just flies and I can’t get twenty minutes to myself to sing. When I do though it feels so good, a total uplifting release of stress for those few minutes, it is pure bliss.

I like to try out songs I wouldn’t usually sing and recently whilst looking up a karaoke version of “My Life” by Billy Joel, next in line to it was a karaoke version of “Ring of Fire”.  I couldn’t resist singing it.

Now, I am being extremely brave, I’m posting my version here on my blog. It’s a rough version, recorded on my iPhone, in our conservatory.  It makes me unbelievably happy to sing this song and up until a week ago I wouldn’t have dreamt I could sing it.

I’d love to know what you think but please be kind. One of these days I’m going to get confidence enough to get up on a stage and sing…one of these days…