Life Sparkles

Welcome March

March, already? Is your year speeding by like mine? Honestly, I don’t know where the time is going and at times I sit here feeling like I haven’t really achieved much of what I wanted to do. Here we are in the third month of the year and I’m wondering whether procrastination has taken hold of me, or periods of lack of self belief or even the old faithful visit to Instagram or TikTok for a ten minute break and find myself still there half an hour later and yes no doubt I’m watching cat video’s. My newsfeeds usually contain posts from people who are working hard on their dreams, their careers or a change of path in general and I love to see these posts. How their hard work finally starts to pay off, or they get a lucky break and even when things don’t go their way it turns out to be for the best. Even whilst I am reading these posts I’m thinking to myself ‘get off the social media and stop watching other people work for their dream and go work on your own’. It’s hard work, sometimes I’m just not in the mood to put the time in and these are my ‘why bother’ periods, where I doubt myself and my ability to actually transform the thoughts and spirit that make my heart and soul sparkle into reality.

Don’t be afraid to fly.

Don’t get me wrong now, I’ve not spent the last two months sitting around pondering, day dreaming and not actually working on my dreams. I’m working away steadily behind the scenes. I read a few weeks ago that being an independent artist is just amazing because you are in control of everything, no managers or labels telling what to sing or where to sing, what to release, how to work on your social media etc etc. However the downside of this independence is that you are in control of everything and you have to do everything yourself. The article stated that independents spend 80% of their time on the associated work behind the actual music and 20% of their time on the music. I can believe it. I spend far more time on the associated work than I do actually singing, writing songs or practising guitar.

Perhaps the Winter months made me a little slower in getting things done, I may have been in a kind of hibernation mode and the days flew by so quickly, or appeared to because of the darker evenings. Already it is lighter in the mornings and the grand stretch to the day has begun in the evening. The daffodils are gracing us with their beauty, the shoots from our bulbs are pushing through the soil and the trees are starting to bud. March gives us an abundance of new life, emergence from the darker Winter days and perhaps it’s time we emerged also and starting to burst forwards with energy into these wonderful Spring days.

With love and sparkles xxx

Life Sparkles


January has flown by for me this year. Quite a few of my friends and colleagues have commented on how slow January has been, that it has felt so long, that it would never end. I’ve always liked January, I never found it a flat or long month (except waiting for payday of course). I suppose in the way I am a Monday nerd I must be a January nerd too. Perhaps time is flying because I’m getting older or perhaps because I am now so focussed on new career goals, engaging on courses so that I am learning to do things myself rather than have to pay someone to do social media marketing or even decorating my music room at home. Maybe I am taking time to utilise my time wisely although I admit, there are days that speed by and I really don’t seem to have achieved anything at all and I wonder what I have been doing all day.

It has taken me until the end of January to get my exercise goals started and I’m feeling good because I have been out for a walk two days running. I have downloaded the C25K app once again this year as I intend to start running again. I’m attempting to build certain habits into my days and weeks. Drinking water, guitar practice, singing practice, reading my collection of books on healing, manifesting, quantum physics and the universe (yes you read that one correctly) plus this year I have a diary/journal which I am so far loving.

January also gave me a wonderful surprise when I logged into my music distributor account and discovered that since October my debut single ‘Fade to Grey’ has been streamed almost 7K times worldwide. To say I was excited and hyper when I seen that is an understatement. Talk about delighted. Now I realise that 7k streams worldwide isn’t that much in the grand scheme of music distribution but for me, a totally unknown artist releasing a self penned single, I think that’s pretty awesome and it’s has spurred me on in leaps and bounds confidence wise.

So January, it’s time to say goodbye and thank you for another year. You’ve been exciting, peaceful and I am full of gratitude for you.

Ok February, let’s see what you’ve got.

With love and sparkles xxx