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Nature Heals

As they say in Ireland, the weather has been cat. From the snow in February to a very cold and windy March and April with the odd warm sunny day. The wettest May for decades and then, at last in June some sunny warm days which meant I was able to get out in the garden. Long time readers of my blog will know that during lockdown last year I got outside and tackled a very overgrown and neglected garden and I fell in love with gardening. Whatever you do out there you get instant results to sit back and look at and be proud of. From lawn mowing to weeding, planting seeds or plants, it is just lovely to get out there and work and let your mind roam wherever it pleases. I find it very therapeutic and healing.

It was like a jungle out there. The grass was so long, the Willow tree was not blooming at it should (the Willow saga continues) and as for weeds…OMG absolutely everywhere and growing fast. I got stuck in and over a three days period which made my body feel as if I had been doing continuous squats, and crawling up the stairs to bed, I did make some headway. I’m learning that no matter how much you do in the garden you are never on top of the work. It really is a work in progress and I really do love it.

I love this Camelia, unfortunately almost as soon as it blooms the rain comes and knocks the blooms to the floor. I also love Viola’s and my hanging basket has looked lovely so far this year.

Obsessed with the Snowball tree this year. I don’t think I have ever seen it bloom as beautifully before. I have had to get the Willow Tree partially cut back, in the hope that it will grow back stronger. By cutting the tree back it let a lot more light and space into the area below it and the Snowball Tree has thrived.

Finally, after over twelve months, I managed to get a garden storage box, WHOOP! There was a huge shortage because lots of people took up gardening last year. I had a busy afternoon planting plus my neighbour gave me two tomato plants. I am growing potatoes, garlic, spinach, dwarf green beans, beetroot and radish. Out of view is a gooseberry bush which my neighbour gave me last year. I didn’t think it would survive the Winter but it did and is actually blooming, fingers crossed.

The Shamrock has gone crazy with the sun, heat and rain, looks beautiful though. Me, tired out after a day gardening.

I grew these!!

I planted two halves of a spud in February and yielded fifty small potatoes in early June. They tasted amazing. I have planted some more now for harvesting in September. I honestly can’t believe I’m gardening and growing, or having a go, at growing my own vegetables. It’s very satisfying and I do find that ideas for my music flow whilst I’m out there and my mind is uncluttered and free.

With love and sparkles xxx

Life Sparkles

Autumn Walk 🍁🍃🍂

I love walking. Sometimes I love the idea of walking more than actually getting out there and walking. I suppose that is the lazy part of me talking myself out of getting my boots on and heading for the door. I think my longest walk was about 14 miles. I was in agony post walk. I had to lie on the floor to wriggle out of my trousers and even after a long soak in the bath, I hurt. However, it was a good feeling. The walk had taken all day but it also took in some wonderful views of the Staffordshire countryside, part of Cannock Chase with snow still lying on the ground and the unmistakable beauty of the late Winter evening drawing in at 4:30 pm, with a frosty, misty, low sun glare as we walked back to Lichfield. It was just magical.

There is something of an air of freedom when you go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a long country walk, sometimes a walk in the city at lunch time can clear your mind and put things in order. Things always seem to look a little better post walk. If I take a walk alone I like to listen to my music. I walk fast or slow depending on what comes on and what piece of music reflects my mood. Some days I don’t even hear the music my mind is so full of other things. Other days it is as if every song that plays is speaking to me personally; talking, advising, offering alternative action or giving me ideas and inspirations.

I took a walk this afternoon. It was a lovely Autumn day. Not sunny but it was dry, a little chilly and a gentle wind blew the leaves around my feet. It wasn’t a long walk, just half an hour.  Autumn is such a beautiful season, watching nature prepare for the cold of Winter ahead and our urban landscapes change in front of our eyes. How many people really notice the beauty of what is taking place? People are busy, stressed out, on the go all the time but perhaps if they took time out for a walk, to view and breathe in the splendour of nature around them, they may feel a little less overwhelmed and a little more at peace.

I took a few photographs with my iPod of the changing trees. I’ve always loved trees I just wish I knew more about them, the names, their fruits, how they grow, where they grow…one of the most beautiful sounds to me is the wind rustling through the trees. Whether it is a huge gust or a timid blow, I think it sounds amazing.

My walk added real sparkle to my day today, it cleared my mind, made sense of my thoughts and made my face tingle in the cold. An all round positive result I think.

Thank you for reading my blog 😊

Picture via Pinterest.