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Caring – small treats to care for you.

One thing I have noticed over the past few months is that time for me has more or less disappeared. I was always busy; work, studies, time with my b/f, attending Irish dances/Country Music shows, Zumba…you get the picture…life was busy although not without anxiousness, stress and worry about my parents and I was taking on more and more at home.

Since Mom’s fall and her good, albeit slow recovery, everything apart from home has taken a back seat. Slowly I have been able to re-introduce a return to Zumba, my time with my b/f has drastically reduced, I’m always far behind on the studies but things eventually get done.

There was however no time for me, no time to look after myself and I am regularly reminded by friends that I am no good to anyone if I don’t take care of myself. 

I’ve built myself a small ritual twice a day when I wash and moisturise my face. It’s almost like a mini treat and it makes me feel good but doesn’t take me any longer than usual. I’ve done this firstly to give myself a little boost for the day but also to use up all the bottles and jars of beauty products that have built up in drawers and cupboards over the years. So a double whammy really!

Firstly I have been washing my face with Aveda Botanical Kinetics which has the typical Aveda aroma of  coconut, jojoba, lavender and camomile and has the benefit of waking your senses up first thing in the morning and yet also soothing you before bed.


I’m a recent convert to L’Occitane – absolutely love their products and their shops. I had bought some Christmas Gifts from there and purchased a gift box at a specially discounted price in order to try the products myself. So, the next steps after the face wash is the facial spritzer spray.

This is beautiful and light on the skin, no heavy perfume and the face feels silky to the touch once applied. Next to the moisturiser which is again from L’Occitane.

This is just heavenly and I have noticed a real softness to my face and neck over the past couple of weeks.

Spending almost two weeks in hospital with Mom after her accident had completely dried out my skin. Once home I tried some facial oil I had been given as a tester, the results were fabulous. Within a couple of days my facial skin was regaining moisture and elasticity. It worked so well I now use it at night before bed and have since purchased some for future use. This skin miracle find is by Tropics Skincare and is named Elixir.

Now and again I take the rare opportunity to soak aching muscles in the bath. Again, L’Occitane, a find from the box of treats purchased to try out. The Lavender aroma is so soothing and the water feels so silky and soft. Even a fifteen minute soak does you the world of good.

The responsibility and caring for others can really take it’s toll on you in so many ways. I have found that these twice daily facial wash rituals have given me a lift, some self care and made me feel like I’ve had a small skin treat. They set me up for the day and help me to settle at night.  It is worth trying something new or finding something that doesn’t take hours of time you don’t have, to give yourself a little lift. You deserve it. 

Thank you for reading my blog ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Pictures via Pinterest and product websites

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