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Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

For the first time in eight years the UK has had a significant snow fall. Major disruption to transport, schools, health services and rural areas. The forecasters were spot on; it started snowing at 4:30 am Sunday morning and snowed continuously for twenty four hours. It settled quickly, that beautiful thick, clean, fresh deep snow. I love it. I had to get out for a walk in it even for half an hour. Here are some pictures I took whilst I was out and about in this unexpected and wonderful Winter day.

It was so good to hear children out making snowmen, families walking and laughing and hardly any cars at all. I’m very lucky that I live on the edge of the city yet bordering the countryside. It was a glorious half hour walk, I enjoyed every second.

Of course now we have ice, treacherous conditions and tonight it is raining, it was great whilst it lasted, fresh and lovely that first day of falling.

I’m very behind in catching up on your blogs, I’m so sorry. Between a continuous run of all nighters and Christmas preparations I’ve been very neglectful. I hope to have more time to blog and to catch up with your blogs very soon.

Sparkle always!

©️ @aurorasparkles 2017

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