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New Music – Peter Hollens.

Our latest new music find and I have to admit it was my parents who discovered Peter Hollens.  What a voice!  Peter is an A Cappella singer and he has collaborated with the wonderful “Home Free” who I recently blogged about.  I love his post video chat, he is so full of enthusiasm, his love of the music and his engagement with his followers, he is inspirational to me on my musical journey.

I’ll let you judge for yourselves; I have chosen below a few of our favourites.  My parents love these folk songs and they are so very calming to listen to.  Peter’s latest release which features Tim Foust from Home Free is just incredible.  “Greensleeves” is for me complete perfection in one video.  Let me know what you think.





You can locate Peter Hollens on his website

I hope you have enjoyed this A Cappella Musical Interlude…and calm with the sparkles x


2 thoughts on “New Music – Peter Hollens.

  1. Wowowowow! What a voice! I listened to Amazing Grace and was so blown away that I then headed to the Greensleeves video. I love both – impeccable!! I saved them to my YouTube lists as I know I’ll want to hear those songs again 🙂 Thank you for the recommendations ❤

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    1. Isn’t he and aren’t they just absolutely amazing. Greensleeves is so simple and yet so perfect. Peter Hollens “Shenandoah” is just beautiful. The version of “Bridge over Troubled Waters” is my salvation at the moment. When they sing “Shine on Silver Girl” it gives me hope.

      So glad you enjoyed these Christy 💖 xx

      Peter Hollens has also launched the Hollens Academy, giving people the benefit of all he has learnt to make a living online. He’s quite the entrepreneur 😀

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