Life Sparkles

Automatic Pilot.

Well the weeks continue to roll by and I keep trying to make sense of things, adjust to this “new normal”. I still feel as if I have brain fog which is almost protecting me from the reality of losing my Dad although I feel reality is coming home a little more every day. Automatic pilot is wearing off, the tears fall and time is just flying by. I cannot believe we are into mid April already although I’m still a little behind on my blog posts.

I thought I’d do a “this is what I have been doing” blog post so that you can see I really am trying to deal with things, look after Mom and try to return to some sense of normal.


Another “first” without Dad, we raised a glass to him and I hope there was one huge hooley going on in heaven.


After telling me to start eating healthy and look after myself, himself rocks up with these little temptations.


Aforementioned drinks for raising a glass or two!!


Not traditional Irish fare for us for St Patricks Day – we had Indian instead.


Signs of Spring.


A “me time” cappuccino during a long overdue trip to the hair salon.

It’s the little things that matter the most.

Until next time, with love and sparkles xx




4 thoughts on “Automatic Pilot.

  1. Dawn, it is the little things that matter most. Thankfully you went to the hair salon. Someone once told me that you cannot take care of someone else until you take care of yourself first. Those are wise words. I hope that your great memories of your dad soon outweigh your sorrow. Hugs!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Joan. I’m becoming more conscious of self care now because I’m all Mom has to look after her. That fact has made me slow up, not try to tackle too much at once and eat healthier. It was just becoming too overwhelming and there is enough to deal with without putting more pressure on myself. Thank you as always for your support xx


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