The Music Sparkle.

I have branding…

With a touch of Sparkle

Also in Black

Fade to Grey

I know it’s been a little while since I updated my blog. There has been a lot going on the past few months and I have been working hard on the music although not getting much of an opportunity to actually sing. The preparation for releasing my music has been a lot to deal with. Having no experience in this particular industry it’s been quite the learning curve and at times I have found it difficult to get my head around things, but I’m getting there.

I have learned about copywrite, music licensing and music distribution. I have read so many blogs, terms and conditions, do’s and don’ts’s and also watched YouTube videos on those subjects and then I just had to take the plunge and sign up for things. I worked with a lovely lady on the social media branding. Her brief was to look at my Instagram account so she can get a feel for who I am and the colours I tend to post with and also we had a chat about my love of country music, sparkle and the look I was going for. I’m thrilled with the finished product and I look forward to using it in the future. The photo shoot was great fun, very different to just doing a quick selfie on the phone. It took me quite a while to get used to posing and I admit, I was a lot more comfortable when I was wearing my jeans and t-shirts than the floaty dresses.

So, we are well and truly on the way now on my musical journey, it’s all coming to fruition. It’s taken quite a while but I’m almost there.

With love and sparkles xxx

8 thoughts on “I have branding…

      1. Well the prob was.. this ex session musician…for many big names too… I don’t think he had been in a studio since the early 80s. He gave me the master… And yes it was the master copy. But a ‘mastered copy’ with meta data is quite diff as I am sure you will know. He didn’t. Anyway eventually after weeks of hair tearing dealing with all these other issues too the cds were pressed.

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      2. It’s a lot to learn isn’t it, and things crop up when you think you have reached the end of a particular stage in the process. I’ve not produced any CD’s for the single, that pleasure awaits me when I get the album out next year. It’s a whole other set of licensing to sort out but at least now that I’ve have most of the groundwork done this time around, it should be easier. There have been times I felt like giving up, all the barriers and obstacles which in reality turned out to be learning opportunities and freedom to do my own thing. Thankfully I enjoy social media so I’m ok at that but still find it difficult to push myself, always feel a little self conscious doing it, yet it is how things work these days xxx

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  1. Listen I was the same. I just thought about all the local musicians who had given their time for free and I thought, I can’t give up. There work would be for nothing There’s places than can do the meta data very cheaply for you so that a production co will then accept it. Then my sleepless nights were about the 16 page booklet…of course I HAD to have that. Cos I have done a lot of booklet design etc BUT never one for an album where the pages are done double spread so like page i is on the right had side of the spread and page 16 on the left had and so on… AHHHHH. I had a horror of the wrong illustration being beside the wrong words, indeed the wrong verse being beside the wring verse. But like that you get there.

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    1. Oh my goodness that was a whole lot of work and it’s a lot to be keeping a handle on to ensure it all turns out correctly, well done you!!! I can imagine the headache of getting the pages the right way around and everything in the right place with the booklet. What a fantastic achievement. It’s a real eyeopener isn’t it, what goes in to these things. We did it!!

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