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Easy on the Spinach!

I did it! I gave in. Over twelve months of deliberations, I purchased a Nutri Ninja in the post Christmas sales and I have to say, I LOVE IT!!!!

I’ve obviously lead a sheltered life as I have never owned a blender/juicer before. I am totally converted. My Ninja is my pathway to eating healthier which is the plan for this year.  I’m still learning about quantities, what goes together (apples, blueberries, strawberries) and what doesn’t (easy on the spinach girl) but it’s a great journey and I have to say that in just over a week of Ninja breakfasts, I can feel a difference to my overall body. The sluggish, lack of energy feeling is reducing. That feels good!!

So, I thought I’d share a recipe or two with you in case you’d like to try out some blends yourself.

My favourite so far for breakfast is my Ninja blend of banana, blueberries, blackcurrants, strawberries, red grapes and 200 ml of pure apple juice. 


Blend for 45 seconds and…

  The finished blend!

Variations of these fruits have become my breakfast and I’ve been very surprised at how full I feel.  It has stopped me snacking before lunchtime.

I have tried a vegetable version using carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and a hint of fresh ginger with 300 ml of water. First time it tasted ok, the second time it was so bad I had to throw it away. Not enough water and far too much spinach. It will be trial and error to find what I like and I am stocked up with enough fruit and vegetables for at least a week. I will keep you updated.  I’d love to hear about your blends especially if like me this is a whole new experience 🙂

Now, if I could just leave the chocolate and the nuts alone… 

Thank you for reading my blog ✨

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