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Get Your Healthy Sparkle On

January 2021. New Year, new start and yes we’ve all been here before. We have such great enthusiasm when we start anything new and it takes real determination to keep the momentum going. Whether it’s diet, exercise, work, a new project, you need to have real passion to see it through.

Over the past years since I have been writing my blog I’m sure I have written in January or even mid way through the year about heathy starts, eating well, moving more. And yes, I’m a prime example of someone with the best of intentions that falls off the wagon all the time and you know what, it doesn’t matter. I never give up. At some point I will try again.

Whilst I was a carer for my parents I lost weight, I was on the go all the time but I wasn’t what you would call fit and probably not healthy as I grabbed at snacks to keep going. When I lost both parents in 2019 I lost a lot of weight and I looked awful. There I said it. I did, I looked dreadful. Skinny doesn’t suit me. Then I started the chocolate and prosecco diet and after a while (because you can only get away with these things for so long) the weight piled on.

Last year during the first lockdown of the pandemic, my cousins and I completed the Couch to 5K training. We would all have a Zoom call to discuss how our “run” had gone that day and we were super proud to have completed it. You know from previous blog posts that I started gardening and that kept me active. At the end of August my cousin suggested a fitness trainer on YouTube so I investigated. Oh wow, this lady has changed my perception of working out. I love her workouts. There is something for everyone regardless of age, ability or whatever area you may be targeting to full workouts. The workouts are from 3 minutes to 30 minutes and I love them. I’m fitter, more flexible, toned and the workout has become a habit. Lucy Wyndham-Read is motivational and for me and many others, has revolutionised working out. (The photo above is me post workout).

As the weather changed and I wasn’t out gardening, running or even walking so much plus I was now caring part time for a lady with vascular dementia, once again the snacking and food intake increased. I wasn’t exactly gaining additional weight as the workouts daily were obviously keeping things in balance but I did become mindful of what I was eating. One account that I follow on Instagram, Derek in the Kitchen, had a story about Nutracheck. Like the majority of us he was fed up with various diet plans, restrictions, fasting etc etc and just wanted to see values of what he was eating. This was exactly what I wanted. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables but am I getting my five a day? I drink lots of water but is it enough? Bananas have more calories than a glass of Prosecco? Really? Yes!!!!

I signed up for three months and it has opened my eyes to what I’m eating. I don’t appear to eat a lot of fats or foods with salt. I do eat a lot of carbohydrates and my sugar intake is off the scale. There appears to be sugar in so many foods! Over Christmas I enjoyed the goodies. The cakes, chocolates, nibbles and yes, the fizz. I don’t feel guilty, I had what I wanted to eat. I had a couple of walks, I didn’t work out, I had a restful holiday season.

I wrote a post on Instagram last week about healthy eating, working out, getting fitter and everything in moderation. It really resonated with people. I had loads of messages from people saying that they too were fed up with the usual diets, food restrictions, starving themselves. I decided last year during the first lockdown that I would never diet again, life is just too short not to have what you enjoy. Just have it in moderation.

I’m not counting calories, I’m mindful of what I eat. I’m drinking more water, I’m back on the daily workouts, I have my treats and I’m getting fitter, healthier and toning up. I’ve signed up for the Country Walking Magazine #Walk1000Miles2021 challenge. I’m off to a slow start but it is only January.

We can do this. We can get fitter, healthier and more active. Some small changes go a long way. Are you with me? Get your sparkle on!

With love and sparkles xxx

5 thoughts on “Get Your Healthy Sparkle On

  1. Dearest Dawn, my friend, I am shaking my head in full agreement with you! By the way, I can’t possibly continue this comment without first saying how gorgeous you are! You truly do sparkle and radiate, but most of all, your beautiful heart shines through onto your face. You’re a blessing!

    Isn’t it amazing what happens when we lose the notion that we have to be a certain size, weight, shape, or be on a certain diet? We begin to let go of those limiting ideas of what our lives are supposed to look like according to someone else and it’s a HUGE blessing!

    I love what you said – simply eating a healthy, balanced diet can make all the difference in our well-being. It isn’t about the scales, it’s about how we feel. When we feel great, everything else falls into place. What works for one person isn’t the answer for another. Good, reasonable habits are easy to maintain. When we have unrealistic expectations for ourselves or goals that tear us down rather than build us up, we feel like we’ve failed. In reality, we haven’t failed – our perspectives are what fail us!

    A healthy mindset precipitates a healthy lifestyle. I don’t know about you but getting my stinking thinking to behave is much harder than anything else! Yet it is the biggest healthy change we can make. Our lives become what we believe about ourselves – which then plays out on the food choices we make and the exercise habits we do or don’t have. It’s entirely too easy to sink into that depressive, anxious cycle.

    You’re awesome, Dawn. I’m so proud of you for all you’ve accomplished and for being the awesome woman you are. You’re inspiring so many to be their best selves. That’s a legacy worth leaving there, my friend. Endless love and hugs to you! ♥

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    1. Holly, what can I say, wow, I cannot express how happy your comment has made me. I think my heart and soul will burst with happiness sparkles. What truly lovely things to say, I very much appreciate them, thank you so much.

      I have recently listening to a podcast about Mindful Eating which was very interesting. The Doctor talked about how as children we just stopped eating when we were full, we didn’t feel the need to keep going. Although a lot of us were told “eat up there are children starving” we were given wholesome fresh food back in the day and not processed.

      She went on to say that we beat ourselves up so much over food. Counting this, that and the other and feeling guilty if we have chocolate or a glass of wine. We just need to be mindful of how full our tummy is on a regular basis and there is nothing wrong with the odd blow out or even comfort eating from time to time. However if we are comfort eating on a regular basis then we need to seek help for whatever it is that’s causing us to seek food as comfort.

      I found it all very interesting and have been trying to practice being more mindful with food rather than counting calories, weighing and measuring items. It’s given me a freedom and healthier relationship with food and for that I am grateful.

      Sorry to go on, I’m such a chatterbox 🙂

      Thank you again for your wonderful comments, you have truly lifted my sparkle. God bless Holly, with love and sparkles xxx


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